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PETS WELCOME! SW Missouri Edition

PLACES IN SW MISSOURI WE LOVE! by Janet Roberts Springfield, MO Restaurants/Bars Big Whiskeys 1440 W Republic Rd, Springfield, MO 65807 (417) 882-2249 Choose from burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and surf and turf. Patio seating is dog friendly, and they provide water for visiting pets. Lindbergh’s Tavern 318 W Commercial St,…...

PETS WELCOME! St.Louis Edition

PLACES IN ST. LOUIS WE LOVE! By Janet Roberts St. Louis, MO Restaurants/Bars Hammerstone’s 2028 S 9th St, St. Louis, MO 63104 (314) 773-5565 Historic tavern setting with an all-day American menu. Venue hosts live blues music every night and weekend afternoons. Beautiful dog-friendly patio with water bowls, and waitresses…...

Bringing Home Baby!

What all Pet Parents Should Know By Connie Rhoades Hinds, Editor in Chief, TAME Pet Magazine Pets are like children for many of us. As our fur-children, we bring them home and find ourselves immediately assuming responsibility for cleaning up messes, making sure they eat the right food, providing healthcare…...

Celebrating Seniors

Celebrating Senior Pets To experience the love of an old pet is a beautiful thing. It is a precious gift that reflects a lifetime of companionship and devotion. By Connie Rhoades Hinds, Editor in Chief, TAME Pet Magazine If you have been, or are, the parent of an aging pet, you know…...

Yappily Ever After

Together Fur-Ever! By Connie Rhoades Hinds, Editor in Chief TAME Pet Magazine Pets are there for us at every stage of our lives. For many of us, they have comforted us after a breakup, welcomed babies and kept the house alive after the human kids have left for college. Must…...

Home is Where your Pet is

Happy to be in the Dog House Creating a Pet Friendly Home By David Leeson Families that include one or many dogs or cats must learn to balance the fun and challenges of having our furry friends close to where we eat, sleep, and play. The good news is that…...

Made in Missouri

Some amazing products have their roots right here in our state! Missourians are a dedicated bunch when it comes to providing the best for our pets. Some even take their passion for pets a step further by coming up with creative products we can all enjoy. We found several companies…...

Open up and Say Woof (or Meow)!

Routine Dental Care is as important for pets as it is for us! Are you a pet owner that has been less than faithful in caring for your pet’s teeth? If so, this article is for you! Neglecting routine oral hygiene can have some very devastating effects on the health…...