About the Franchise Owners

Jeanne, a St. Louis native, and John Sullivan, a Long Island native, first met each other by chance while in line checking into a hotel in New Orleans, Labor Day weekend 1992. They were married in 1993. They lived in Long Beach, NY. Jeanne’s career was in retail store management while John’s was retail corporate management.

In 2003, Jeanne was hired to be Store Manager of a Pet Supplies Plus “superstore” opening in Oceanside, NY. She found she was able to transfer her knowledge of health nutrition to pets and fully endorsed natural foods in its’ infancy. She became dedicated to helping pets and their owners.

Jeanne and John had a desire to move to St. Louis. With the assistance of Jeanne’s brother, Greg, they were able to open the first Pet Supplies Plus franchise in Missouri located in Ballwin MO. Jeanne continues to help customers pet needs at the store while John handles the back office business. They feel extremely lucky in how they met and their business of helping others.